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Cheap and pupolar LED lights

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Cheap and pupolar LED lights
Item NO.: MLR-LED light-11
Color : Colorful
Product Origin : Jinjinag City, Fujian Province, China
Lead Time : 25 Days
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High-tech LED lights for LED shoes

Product Description

It is widely used among everyone.

Voltage: 5V  1.5W

Size: 600*5mm

Color: multicolor

Charging time: 1-2H

Flashing time: 8-10H

Battery: lithiumbattery 3.7V/450mAh

IP Rank: Waterproof IP67

Design: according to customer’s require

A. The steel strip made up by 304 steel slice .Thestrip of steel was wider than tube, it can suffer from stress on the steelslice and never affect the tube. It’s use two-tier of tube with glue.
B. The terminal as contact plug (touch in the air2.0)

C. The line made by crystal tube 

(General materialis red or black green blue row four line electronic line) 

D. Two level made by silica gel 

( temperature ofsilica gel can reach 150 degrees and suffer high temperature)

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